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Yes it’s true; with no obligation we love to see visitors at our meetings. In fact,we have 2-3 visitors per week to our groups. That's an introduction to up to 150 new business contacts each year. It’s the best way to find out what we’re all about. If you click on the BNI icons shown on the local map, this will reveal the contact details for you to arrange your visit.

It’s worth emailing / calling in advance to check that your particular type of business is not already represented before you attend a BNI meeting, so that you only visit BNI groups where your category is available.

Key to number of groups in the area:

Blue: 1-9 groups
Yellow: 10-99 groups
Red: 100-999 groups
Purple: 1000 or more groups

If you need help finding a BNI meeting, please Click Here

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